Amber Rose Says She Wants To Marry 21 Savage

amber rose says she wants to marry 21 savage

amber rose says she wants to marry 21 savage

Amber Rose wants to make it official with 21 Savage.

Amber Rose has only been dating 21 Savage for a few months, but she’s already positive that she wants to spend the rest of her life with him.

TMZ recently caught up with the 33 year old model at the airport, where they asked her about the lawsuit that Wiz Khalifa’s mother, Katie Wimbush-Polk, just filed against her.

Rose refused to discuss the drama between her and her ex mother-in-law, however, she did take a minute to gush over 21 Savage. Rose told TMZ, “Let’s talk about how much in love I am, how happy I am. I’m in love, I’m happy. I wanna marry him, but we’ll see.”

When the reporter asked Rose what makes her and 21 so compatible, she replied, “We just have so much in common, man.” Clearly, this is no publicity stunt – Rose is head over hills for the 24 year old “X” rapper.

In 2014, Rose divorced Khalifa after once year of marriage due to his infidelities.

Watch the clip below.

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