50 Cent Sues Rick Ross!


50 Cent and Rick Ross have been beefing since 2009, when will this petty saga come to an end? Fif and Ross are back at it again over the release of a 5 year old sex tape of Ross’ child’s mother, Lastonia Leviston, who originally had sued 50 because she said he released the tape to spite Rozay. The G Unit member is now suing Ross because he claims Ross was the one to originally release the sex tape.

Leviston claims 50 Cent received the sex tape from her ex-boyfriend, Maurice Murray, who is also seen in the tape, and then put it online because of his beef with the MMG rapper. However, 50 says that Ross did a interview the day before the sex tape went hit the net, and he claimed he was going to leak the tape. 50 claims that his only role in this entire ordeal involved him “providing a link on his website to another website where the video could be viewed in its entirety”. The tape racked in more than 3 million views. Can you say messy?

Leviston claimed she was so emotionally distressed and overwhelmed after 50 leaked the tape that she contemplated suicide. Ladies, this is a lesson learned, NEVER EVER make a sex tape!

The trial is set to begin in June. I’m not sure who is telling the truth at this point, but I do hope it all works out well for Leviston.

Stay tuned for updates.

But in the meantime, take a look at Rozay’s child’s mother below!


Yellah Bone
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