50 Cent Sued By Woman He Punched At Baltimore Show

50 cent sued by woman he punched at baltimore show

50 cent sued by woman he punched at baltimore show

50 Cent is going to learn the hard way that he needs to keep his hands to himself.

A week ago, 50 Cent was performing at Baltimore Soundstage when he reportedly punched a woman in the chest. Apparently, Fif was happily interacting with the crowd and shaking fans hands until Donnetta Derr became extremely aggressive and pulled him off of the stage.

Fif’s reflexes must’ve kicked in, causing him to strike the woman in the chest. Moments later, in an effort to make an peace offering, 50 allowed Derr to come on stage and dance during his set.

Unfortunately for Fif, Derr refuses to let him get away without suffering the consequences of his actions.

After the concert, Derr made a visit to the hospital, which was followed by her hiring an attorney, Warren Brown. Brown says that 50 acted “cowardly” towards Derr, and that she plans on launching a lawsuit.

It’s unclear how much money Derr is asking for.

50 Cent has yet to release a statement.

Take a look at the video below.

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