50 Cent On His New Comedy Show, Offers Advice To Usher + Kevin Hart

50 cent on his new comedy show offers advice to usher and kevin hart

50 cent on his new comedy show offers advice to usher and kevin hart

50 Cent to Usher, “Be active, do not go in the house.”

With his new BET show on the way, entertainment mogul 50 Cent kicks off a press run in New York City to discuss his new show, 50 Central.

50 stops by the infamous Breakfast Club to breakdown the concept of his new show, the massive success of his current Starz show, Power, and the upcoming two new shows he has in development on streaming app Crackle.

During the interview, 50 Cent gave his thoughts on a few outside topics like the recent scandals between R&B singer Usher and comedic actor Kevin Hart.

Laughing at the rumors, 50 mentioned that Usher should get ahead of this and remind people why they love him. Fif also talked about upcoming music and removing longtime nemesis Irv Gotti from the BET brand.

Irv recently released a show on BET entitled, Tales. 50 mentioned that the concept for the show is good, but it is just poorly executed and needs to be taken over.

50 Central airs Wednesdays at 9:30 p.m.

Watch the interview below.



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