2 Chainz Defends His Messenger Bag

2 chainz defends his messenger bag

2 chainz defends his messenger bag

2 Chainz claps back at haters who accuse him of wearing a pocketbook.

After posting a few photos of himself sporting a messenger bag onto social media, 2 Chainz found himself under attack. Apparently, fans are upset that the Atlanta rapper comfortably sports a “man bag”, and decided to call him out.

Within a matter of hours, Chainz responded back to his haters, and cleared up all of the misconceptions. According to Chainz, he wears a messenger bag, not a purse, or anything of that sort. The whole purpose of the bag is to store his racks on money.

In a lengthy Instagram post, Tity Boi broke it all down, “Let’s be very clear !! I been wearing Gucci from the beginning. ! I also been wearing messenger bags with racks in it !! This was symbolic of having bands !! Messenger bags were started by BMF who we all know were street millionaires who inspired other people from the street.”

“That being said that bag Shit started with us for us by us !! Dufflebag boyz video came out in 2007 !! Ten years ago and that where the swag coming from ! Point blank period !!! Ps video shot in a real trap off Godby Road !! Soufside !!Pls don’t get this shit confused !! I AM VERY SOLID #logoho then and now #drenchGOD #prettygirlsliketrapmusic 6/16.”

Over the past few weeks, Lil Uzi Vert and Young Thug also stirred up a lot of controversy after they were both spotted with bags.

Take a look at 2 Chainz’ post below.

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