2 Chainz Buys His Mom Another New House

2 chainz buys his mom another new house

2 chainz buys his mom another new house

2 Chainz takes good care of his mother.

When he’s not splurging on new cars, jewelry, and clothes, 2 Chainz is busy being an awesome son. On Monday night, via Instagram, Chainz announced that he had purchased another home for his mother for no apparent reason.

The “Good Drank” rapper wrote, “So I bought my moms a new house today for no reason , well it is a reason , she my momma ! I Bought her a house 2012 before I knew I was gone be one of the biggest artists out here …,,still!!! I love you mom you deserve it ! And my AUNT JUNE sends me this.”

2 Chainz’ aunt June acknowledged his loving deed with a heartwarming text, “I am glad that u are blessed to take care of your mom. Which she deserves. All the obstacles and I have been through, God. So fit for us both to be blessed.”

“I am very proud of u. Many more blessing for u. Continue to stay humble and watch what God will do. Love u and be blessed. I love her house. Which she so deserve.”

This isn’t the first house that Chainz has bought his mom – he purchased the very first one before his rise to fame.

Check out 2 Chainz’ post below!

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