17 People Arrested In Connection To Kim Kardashian Robbery

17 people arrested in connection to kim kardashian robbery

17 people arrested in connection to kim kardashian robbery

A series of arrests have been made in Kim Kardashian’s robbery case.

Three months after Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint in Paris, France, authorities finally have a lead. Early Monday morning, French police arrested 17 suspects in connection to the armed robbery.

In addition to the arrests, authorities also seized multiple firearms, weapons, and $147,500 in cash during the raids. None of the suspects detained have been identified, but they range in age from 23 to 72, and many of them have “long criminal records.” Authorities have up to 4 days to interview the suspects before they charge them or release them.

Kardashian’s French lawyer, Barrister Jean Veil, released the following statement, “I welcome this with great satisfaction. These arrests are a nice surprise because on the one hand, it will perhaps make it possible to find the jewelry.”

“On the other hand, it puts an end to the outrageous speculation by some, who thought it was intelligent to pretend that this robbery was staged, or a publicity stunt organised by Ms Kardashian.”

“The money she lost during this robbery is not the only issue. Even though my client was not injured, this assault was very brutal and traumatic. Imagine yourself alone, at night, in front of armed people.”

It has been revealed that Kardashian’s Paris chauffeur was also detained in connection with the robbery.

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